Friday, March 4, 2011


united fruit company poem.
Q: How does Nerunda feel about the United Fruit company? Give specific examples
from the poem to show how you know. (1 paragraph) A: The way Nerunda feels about the fruit company is that the country is a negative environment, a discarded number, a bunch of rotten fruit thrown on the garbage heap.They say these things because of what they see like With the bloodthirsty flies which came the Fruit Company, amassed coffee and fruit in ships which put to sea like overloaded trays with the treasures from their sunken lands.

Imperialism peom.
Q: What does the author mean by "some things never change?" What things?
Would the author be an imperialist? Why or why not? A: The author is trying to say that all presidents should be white, and she trying to say that be yourself no point of changing for someone else encouraged to be different. TO make your own decisions.
A: i say that the author is being imperialist because things are going to change but he doesnt want them to change she wants everyone to be one race which is her race and she believes that all presidents should remain white. That's why i say she is imperialist.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

why did the United Fruit company take power?- i say they took power by cheap labor, climaxes with a CIA-organized government coup,and their bananas.

How did the United Fruit company control the government?-- they began to acquire land in Latin America for banana plantations, they snatched up around 42 percent of farmland in Guatemala. They gave the exclusive right to transport mail, and clinched a stranglehold on all of transportation and communication systems

Why would Guatemalans hate United Fruit Company? -The workers didnt get paid enough money, provided minimal benefits, and labored grueling hours.
How does colonization affect Africans now?- THE colonization affects africans now by europeans came and took the money and made them poor.

How did the Europeans take over Africa and keep control? by taking all their gold and kept control by making the africans fight each other.

Do you think things will get better? Why or why not? No because till this day they still are fighting each other and there is no way of them getting to peace.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

irish character from world war

What War of Irish Independence character are you?
Your Result: John Redmond

John Redmond was an Irishman who didn't want to fight the English, rather he wanted to try to convince the English to give the Irish more power. This concept was called "Home Rule," where England would still own Ireland, but it would be ruled by the people.

James Craig
Michael Collins
Eamon De Valera
What War of Irish Independence character are you?
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

A cover letter is important because its almost like an easy ticket to get in your shop class. A cover letter is determine wether you want to be in that shop so much that they will accept you. Also a cover letter is like a   a biography. The cover letter is very important because your telling the shop teacher, why you want to be there and what is your purpose of being there. You have to explain what things you like to do in that certain shop. This is how i think about a cover letter being important.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the union state address

-I think obama was talking about people and in the government who he is trying to get to work together as one nation to make the environment better then what it is.
-The main idea of his speech was about the government and how to make it better. Like he wants all people to have jobs to take care of their families.
-I think that it is positive but can also be negative to certain people. I say it was positive because it's a learning lesson to some people like instead of them doubting there selves for not getting a job. This speech can be a wake up call as in people believing that even if the econmy is low. That  doesnt mean you cant take the time and effort to look for one. It can be negative because  some people might think that obama saying that nobody is doing what they need to do.