Friday, March 4, 2011


united fruit company poem.
Q: How does Nerunda feel about the United Fruit company? Give specific examples
from the poem to show how you know. (1 paragraph) A: The way Nerunda feels about the fruit company is that the country is a negative environment, a discarded number, a bunch of rotten fruit thrown on the garbage heap.They say these things because of what they see like With the bloodthirsty flies which came the Fruit Company, amassed coffee and fruit in ships which put to sea like overloaded trays with the treasures from their sunken lands.

Imperialism peom.
Q: What does the author mean by "some things never change?" What things?
Would the author be an imperialist? Why or why not? A: The author is trying to say that all presidents should be white, and she trying to say that be yourself no point of changing for someone else encouraged to be different. TO make your own decisions.
A: i say that the author is being imperialist because things are going to change but he doesnt want them to change she wants everyone to be one race which is her race and she believes that all presidents should remain white. That's why i say she is imperialist.

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